Accountable Care Organizations: IT Dependency

As groups of coordinated and integrated healthcare providers, Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) change the payment and delivery model to tie provider payments to quality measures and to reductions in the total cost of care for assigned population groups. With ACOs responsible for the quality and cost of care delivery, profitability depends on a strategic allocation of resources. To understand where to best invest those resources, healthcare organizations require access to timely, integrated, relevant data.

To make available the data that ACOs require, healthcare organizations require IT systems that can interoperate to gather the right data needed to support key strategic and operational decisions. Large healthcare organizations depend on data from numerous sources, and making sense of all the data from those systems is a challenge. Interoperability, terminology, and analytics capabilities are essential to extract data from patient care and effective reimbursement. IT systems that are interoperable and an analytics platform to measure key performance indicators, allow teams to focus on driving improvements in support of business strategy.

The best revenue cycle management systems enable providers and ACOs to drive better processes, delivering better patient access, better care coordination, and better service to patients. Institutions will also need to leverage enterprise access systems across their continuum of care to simplify patient access procedures and centralize management of protocol compliance by administrative staff.


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