Think you are covered under Obamacare?

Think again. Even though you may have enrolled, if you have not paid your premium, you are NOT covered. That means if you receive health care services now (and do not pay your premium) you are liable for the full costs to that provider, because you are legally defined as uninsured and thus the caregiver can come after you as a self-pay patient for your cash payment.

The government’s enrollment workers are meeting with resistance at this point in time because many uninsured people think the premium costs are too high. And for people that have signed up with Obamacare, many big insurers state 15% to 20% of those have not paid their premiums and thus are not yet covered.

Research from the Center for Studying Health System Change shows that convincing many uninsured Americans to see coverage as necessary and affordable is a difficult challenge. The Center found that uninsured adults younger than 30 are more likely than older adults to believe they don’t need insurance and to report good health . . . not to mention the President’s law allows young adults to stay on their parents’ policy until the age of 26.

Peter Cunningham, professor of healthcare policy and research at Virginia Commonwealth University states that makes younger adults more price-sensitive. “It’s not ‘Do they need health insurance?’ or ‘Do they want it?’” he said. “The central question is, ‘Are they willing and able to pay the price?’”


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