Physician Barometer

The Physicians Foundation produced yet another survey and the results are quite interesting. This survey (conducted by Merritt Hawkins on behalf of Physicians Foundation) regarding Practice Patterns and Perspectives is conducted every two years and recently garnered 20,000 responses from physicians across the country. The 2014 survey covers a whole host of issues including reimbursement, morale, physician shortages, electronic medical records, etc. Here are some highlights of the survey’s findings:

81% are over-extended or at full capacity
44% are planning to reduce their patient load
56% stated their morale is somewhat to very negative
85% have implemented electronic medical records (“EMR”), but:
47% stated EMR detracts from patient care
76% stated EMR did not improve efficiency
68% stated EMR did not improve the quality of care
50% expect ICD-10 will cause their practices to experience severe administrative problems
56% are not positive about the current state of the medical profession
39% plan to accelerate retirement plans due to Obamacare
69% stated their clinical autonomy is often compromised
46% graded Obamacare as a D or F
87% do not believe ACOs will decrease costs or enhance quality

On average, physicians stated they:
• spend 20% of their time on non-clinical paperwork
• work approximately 53 hours per week

Regarding Medicare/Medicaid patients:
• physicians stated 49% of their patients are enrolled in Medicare or Medicaid
• 24% do not see or limit the number of Medicare patients
• 38% do not see or limit the number or Medicaid patients


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