Medical Device Integration

Medical device integration is the process of taking critical patient data from electronic medical devices and integrating the data into an electronic medical record (EMR). Such integration reduces inaccuracies which normally occur during data transfer. Additionally, medical device integration benefits medical providers since they receive more frequent updates while they are away from their patients, thus increasing operational efficiencies.

The West Health Institute just released the results of a survey on medical device integration. The survey (conducted by Harris Poll) polled nurses with a title of RN or higher and with an education of BSN or higher. Here are some highlights of the survey’s findings:

90% of U.S. hospitals use 6 or more types of devices that could be integrated with EMRs, but only 1/3 actually integrate medical devices with their EMR

89% stated they access EMRs during their shifts

67% of respondents interact with medical devices at the patient’s bedside

41% reported spending 3 hours or more per shift working with medical devices

91% stated they would spend more time hands-on with patients if they could spend less time dealing with devices

50% reported having witnessed a medical error due to lack of device coordination

93% of respondents strongly agree that medical devices should be able to seamlessly share data with one another automatically

48% of nurses surveyed estimate that as many as 1 in 4 medical errors and adverse events might be prevented in a system where all hospital devices seamlessly shared information in an automatic, coordinated and connected manner.

The survey also reported that for the hospitals that do invest in medical device integration, the average number of devices that are integrated in those hospitals is 3 or less.

The survey can be found here.


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