Primary Care Providers’ Views

As the Affordable Care Act begins to be more fully implemented, many are assessing the experiences and perspectives of those on the front lines . . . the physicians. So, just how do physicians feel about the increased reliance on quality metrics and the recent changes in healthcare delivery and payment?

The Commonwealth Fund and The Kaiser Family Foundation surveyed primary care providers about their experiences with and reactions to recent changes in healthcare delivery and payment. The survey was conducted during the first quarter of 2015. Here are some highlights of the survey’s findings:

64% of physicians stated they are paid either through capitation or salary, or through a combination of capitation, fee-for-service (“FFS”), and salary; 34% are still paid exclusively on a FFS basis.

55% of physicians stated their practice receives payment incentives based on measures related to patient experience, quality of care, or the efficiency of the care they provide.

52% of physicians believe that programs which include financial penalties for hospital readmissions (or unnecessary hospital admissions) positively affect quality of care.

50% of physicians state the use of physician quality metrics was having a negative impact on primary care providers’ ability to provide quality care to their patients.

47% of physicians stated that recent trends in the healthcare sector are causing them to consider retiring earlier than planned.

33% of physicians believe medical homes are having a positive impact on quality of care.

The survey also found that approximately half of the physicians view health information technology as having a positive impact. Lastly, survey results reiterated the common theme reported elsewhere about the unenthusiastic physician support for Accountable Care Organizations (“ACOs”); among physicians who are actually in ACOs, only 30% reported seeing positive impacts.

The survey can be found here.


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