Connected Health Devices

As I noted in a previous post, millions of Americans report that smartphones and apps have changed the way they manage their health and wellness.  As Americans begin to use wearable devices to track and collect their personal health data, we will see more of a willingness to share that data with healthcare providers and intermediaries.  Parks Associates has published a report which analyzes consumer attitudes and preferences about making care choices and decisions and provides guidance to healthcare stakeholders regarding how to communicate and engage with consumers for self-care and support.  The report shows the increased adoption of connected health devices which includes items such as blood pressure meters, connected treadmills, digital fitness trackers, and networked weight scales.  Here are some highlights of the report:

The most popular health device is connected health equipment.

Digital pedometers and fitness trackers experienced the most growth over the past two years, up 5%.

42% of consumers aged 24-34 own a connected health device.

37% of consumers aged 18-24 own a connected health device.

31% of consumers over the age of 65 own a connected health device.

33% of households with broadband in the United States own a connected health device; this is up 9% from just two years ago.

13% of households with broadband in the United States own two or more connected health devices.

The Director of Health and Mobile Product Research at Parks Associates, Henry Wang, commented on the growing demand from Baby Boomers:

“These consumers face a variety of health and mobility challenges, so there is tremendous potential for accelerated adoption, improved outcomes, and ultimately significant cost savings for both companies and consumers. Interoperability and standards compliance will be the primary challenges as companies look to expand the connected health market and engage this demographic.”

The report can be found here.


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