IT Security Vulnerabilities

Pivoting off my recent blog about patient data breaches, I want to share some recent survey data.  Vormetric, a security specialist company, and 451 Research, an information technology research company, recently published a report based on responses from 1,100 senior executives at large businesses around the world.  Here are some highlights of the report:

90% of respondents stated their organization is vulnerable to security threats.

75% report that cybercriminals are the top threat.

61% of those surveyed admitted to having had a data breach in the past; nearly 20% stated the breach occurred within the past year.

51% of respondents are planning to increase spending on security.

47% report that nation-state hackers are the top threat.

44% claim that a shortage of skill set is a top impediment to better data security.

43% reported that budgets are a key barrier preventing the adoption of better data security.

Garrett Bekker, senior analyst at 451 Research made these remarks regarding today’s security professionals:

“Spending intentions reflected a tendency to stick with what has worked in the past, such as network and endpoint security technologies that offer little help in defending against multi-stage attacks.  Clearly, there’s still a big disconnect between what we are spending most of our security budget on and what’s needed to ensure that our sensitive data remains secure.”

Data security is indeed a top concern for healthcare professionals.  As hackers continue to target healthcare organizations, much emphasis and money will be spent on this war against healthcare privacy.  While we may not be able to guarantee that patient data is secure, all healthcare providers should make a concerted effort to do so.


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