Patients See Little Benefit with EHRs

Millions of Americans are starting to become more engaged with how they manage their health and wellness, from a host of smartphone apps to a variety of connected health devices.  However, electronic health records (EHRs) are definitely not high on the patient’s preference list of digital health tools.  Proof of this last fact is evidenced in a recent survey by HealthMine which looked at consumers who use mobile apps and/or connected health devices, and were enrolled in a 2016 health insurance plan.  Here are a few highlights:

60% of those surveyed state they have an EHR

55% responded that they see an EHR simply as a means to “stay informed”

44% complained about not being able to see everything their physician sees in the EHR

29% of those with an EHR claim not to get much benefit from it

22% of those surveyed stated they use their EHR to make medical decisions

15% of consumers admitted it is hard to understand the information in the EHR (based on my experience with healthcare providers, I believe this number is actually much higher)

14% responded that they do not access their EHR

Approximately 18 months ago, a survey from the National Partnership for Women & Families claimed to see a growing number of consumers were embracing and utilizing EHRs, citing that patients see “significant” value in EHRs.

Of course, we cannot ignore the vulnerabilities to patient data breaches.  In that same vein, last summer the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT issued a new Data Brief demonstrating the heightened concerns of consumers over the privacy and security of their medical records.


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