UK Physicians in Crisis

“General practice is in crisis” notes a recent report by the British Medical Association (BMA).  Healthcare demand is growing in the United Kingdom as the population continues to age on the backdrop of a shortage of general practitioners.  In an effort to assembly-line healthcare services, physicians have been allotting a mere 10 minutes for appointments.  The result has been extremely taxing on the general practitioners.  BMA’s report found that physicians are sometimes seeing 60 patients per day and thus not allowing enough time for those patients with complications.

Dr. Brian Balmer, a member of BMA’s general practice committee executive team, stated

“General practice in the UK cannot be allowed to continue being run into the ground. It’s time for positive change that gives patients the care they deserve.”

The National Health Service in England has quickly stated that there are no national mandates on the time spent with patients.  The BMA report suggests that the maximum number of patients a general practitioner sees each day should be 25.  Consequently, the report recommends physicians allot 15 minutes per patient.

The BMA report, titled “Safe Working in General Practice,” can be found here.


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