State of the U.S. Healthcare Industry

Healthcare leaders in the U.S. are preparing for more changes to the industry in 2017.  The pace of change in healthcare is extremely rapid as the pressure continues to mount on physician shortage issues, quality focus, cost containment, payment reform, etc.  Managed Healthcare Executive recently released its annual State of the Industry Survey results which reveal the top 2017 challenges, priorities, initiatives, and opportunities for the U.S. healthcare industry.  Here are a few highlights:

Biggest Challenge:  36% of respondents stated the biggest challenge facing healthcare organizations is complying with new government requirements and mandates; 25% stated it was implementing value-based reimbursement; 19% stated it was technology acquisitions/investments/implementations.

Revenue Predictions:  When asked to forecast 2017 revenues compared to 2016, 39% predicted it will be about the same; 35% predicted 2017 will be better; 26% predicted 2017 will be worse.

Expanding/Securing Market Share:  52% of those surveyed stated they are expanding customer improvement initiatives in order to expand and secure market share; 43% are focused on cost/quality transparency; 42% claimed to be focusing on increasing consumer outreach.

Top Disease States:  When asked to select the top three therapeutic categories and/or disease states their organization will be focused on in 2017, diabetes garnered 83%, cardiovascular 71%, obesity 49%, cancer 34%, and respiratory illness garnered 32%.

Value-Based Care:  46% of respondents stated their organization has started a few initiatives toward value-based care; 22% stated they have not yet started; 20% stated they have started many initiatives.

Value-Based Reimbursement:  37% of respondents claimed to be participating in commercial payer initiatives for value-based reimbursement; 35% claimed to be participating in a CMS/CMMI initiative; 33% stated they are not yet participating in any value-based reimbursement initiatives.

Big Data:  39% of those surveyed stated their organization uses big data “well” to improve healthcare quality and reduce healthcare costs; 34% stated they used it “not very well”.

Consumer Engagement:  36% of respondents believe that the most effective way to increase consumer engagement in managing their own health is through improved/more patient education; 29% believe it is accomplished through incentives/wellness programs.

More results from the State of the Industry survey can be found here.


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